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Welcome to the Cause and Effect Blog.

Your business and your life are summations of all the effects arising from all the causes to which you are subject. Improving your business and life depends on improving your understanding of these effects and their underlying causes. In this blog you will find explanations of causes and effects based on real human experience you probably share and will acknowledge as rational observation.

Benefitting from rational observations requires you to challenge widely held misconceptions. Some of these misconceptions arise from ignorance of humanity. Other misconceptions arise from intentional efforts of people in positions of influence to mislead you. Break through these misconceptions to gain better knowledge of business and life and you will have a considerable advantage over your competitors.

The effects which affect our business and life arise from three sources, the physical world, your own nature, natures of people around you. Explanations of these three sources of causes and effects and available responses are the subject of this blog.

Felix qui potuit rerum cognescere causus.

Happy is the man who knows the cause.


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